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Developing Verbal Communication Skills – 2 Great Tips

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Developing Verbal Communication Skills – 2 Great Tips

It is not an easy task to develop good communication skills. However, by taking one step at a time, you can achieve this goal. So the steps to develop verbal communication skills are as follows:
1. ORAL – This is one of the most important as well as the most used verbal communication skills. Oral communication is all about the spoken word. By taking care of this aspect of communication skills, you will get a chance to enhance your conversational skills. If we again take one step at a time, developing verbal skills would encompass the following:

a) Speaking – This aspect entails being a master of your tongue. It is through this that you will be able to develop your verbal communication skills. A lot of people only speak, without saying anything. You need to understand the difference between these two. Being a successful speaker entails thinking before saying things. Many learned people have often advocated the principle of ‘ Nine thoughts to each word’. This way, we will be able to say the right things most of the time as we will have the time to mull over what you are going to say. We should realize the importance of verbal communication skills and develop and nurture it.
All of us having used this medium of communication for all our lives take it for granted. This is why language is deteriorating these days. People do not even pay attention to grammar.

b) Listening – The first thing here is that one should understand the difference between listening and hearing. We cannot consciously control our hearing but listening is something we choose to do. Listening encompasses both hearing what others say and understanding it as well. To become an effective conversationalist, one must learn how to listen.

2. WRITTEN – Technology has grown so advanced today that the written word does not hold much importance. Finding writing too much effort, people nowadays avoid it. However to be able to record and transit everything, this medium is extremely essential.

a. Writing – The importance of writing has diminished considerably because of the growth in technology. Even till a few years back, the effectiveness of written communication skills depended on the legibility of one’s handwriting. But now, the entire focus has shifted to grammar and spelling in order to hone written communication skills. You can take the opinion of others and find out if the correct message is being transmitted through your writing. This will determine the effectiveness of your writing.

b. Reading – It is important to read messages in their right content and interpret them correctly. The message need to be interpreted as the writer has meant it. This is especially important where laws, memorandums and other “official” written correspondence is concerned. You need practice and patience in order to develop verbal communication skills. By reading more, you will not only be able to hone your reading skills, but your other communication skills as well.

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